Code of conduct

As early as 2013, Chrstine Szakacs, Vice Chairwoman of Dogdance international, wrote her following thoughts.

Code of Conduct of the DDI Association

  1. 1. Principles

A strong community is based on the cooperation of all participants and the solidarity among them. Therefore, the exchange of information and the mutual help serves to strengthen the DDI association, the promotion of the sport and the further development of the individual member.

  1. 2. Code of Conduct

Our goals of making the sport of dogdance popular to a wide public, young and old, can only be achieved if all members follow  a code of conduct. Respect for the free, personal opinion of others should be visible in a communication based on honesty, truthfulness and courtesy. Insults as well as discriminatory, hurtful, defamatory, and disparaging statements towards participants and organizers of tournaments, judges, club members, or dogs are as reprehensible as personal quarrels and lack of objectivity.  Those, that actively practice the sport are also role models in society and have to protect the good reputation of the DDI association. A friendly handling of the dogs, kind training methods and paying attention to the health and dignity of the dog goes without saying.

  1. 3. Beneficial communication

In addition to a general honesty  within the club members, participants and organizers of tournament, a profitable communication also requires great openness and sincerity. However, evitable misunderstandings should absolutely be avoided. Those who carefully examine their own words, and attempts to interpret the statements of other members or participants correctly, contribute to a beneficial communication.

The aim of the DDI is an open, thoughtful dialogue, in which tolerance, solidarity, mutual help, but also consideration for possible sensitivities prevail.

Particular care should be taken when communicating on blogs and websites, in emails, on Facebook and other social communication channels, as misunderstandings can quickly and easily happen there.


We, the members of the executive board of Dogdance international, stand united behind the words of Christine Szakacs.We ask you, the members, to treat each other in a respectful and friendly manner and to appeal to you to follow Christine's path with us in the future.