Championships and qualifications

The DDI currently awards the following titles and organizes the following qualifications:

German Champion DDI
Swiss Champion DDI
Austrian Champion DDI
Italian DDI Champion (CSEN Italian Open)

Qualification for the OEC (Open European Championship) in the respective DDI countries

Tournaments that would like to host the championships and qualifications can apply to the board. A certain ring size of at least 12 x 15 m is important, a size of 16 x 20 m would be desirable. At all qualification tournaments, 4 judges are mandatory in class 3 (HTM and FS). At all title competitions and national championships, 3 judges in class 3 (HTM and FS) are mandatory. The judges must be confirmed by the judge responsible and the judging committee before they are booked.
Furthermore, it would be desirable to book not only regional and national judges for championships. Judges must also have a certain level of experience.
Further information can be found in the regulations "10. Qualifications and Championships".

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