Judge training

Judges Training


1. Requirement: Membership in the DDI for one year before the start of the judge's training
(After applying to the judges education the aspirants get access to an Online-learning platform with various webinars and presentations)

2. Selflearining: Watch online webinars on the Learing Platform Coachy

3. Online-Workshops: Participate in 3x 2-hour online workshops (via Zoom)

4. Live-Workshop: Participate in a live workshop - 1 day in your country or near you in your chosen language.

5. Get a Judges Coach assigned.

6. Shadow judging at various competitions.

7. After shadow judging: closing meeting with the assigned judges coach

8. Submit all your shadow judging documents of your judges booklet via Mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

9. Activation as a judge (no later than 4 weeks after submission of all documents)


Start your DDI-Judges Training today!

Part 1: Fill out the entry form

Entry Form for judges education 2024

Price: Complete judge training as a package 130 €
(to be paid in advance when registering for a judge's training, costs will not be reimbursed if the training is terminated early!)

Part 2: Get access to the training plattform

Dates for judges training (for prospect judges, dogdancers who are interested, trainers)

Part 3: Online English/ Deutsch/ Français:





Zoom-Meeting: Judges Workshop - New Judges Training 24

Enter Zoom Meeting


Meeting-ID: 875 1018 3840

Kenncode: 633669


Part 4: Live 1-day Workshops in different languages

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