Association Dogdance International e.V.

The Association Dogdance International e.V. was founded on the 14th November 2009.

Main goal of the founding members was, to provide all Dogdancers with a worldwide, discrimination- and barrier-free organising structure, without limiting the sponanity, creativity and imagination of this dog sport. Only limits are set by the protection of animals act and especially the responsability to advocate and maintain the health of dogs and handlers.

About us

The DDI (DogDance International e.V.) maintains the rules for competitions, educates the judges and hands out the record booklets (licences).

Theses record booklets allow the participation in official classes of competitions which are held by the rules of DDI.

Every person, participating at the annual Dogdance Convention can have their say in discussions concerning changes, revisions and enhancements of the competition rules.

The members of Dogdance International e.V. support the association with membership fees and their voluntary work in honorary posts, administrative jobs and temporary projects.

These are our simple rules

The organisers of competitions accept the rules, the recommandations for organising a competition and ring equipment as described on the site
They can choose (with the exception of titling competitions) from all judges, listed on the website

The judges and eventual other volunteers will only receive their expenses for mileage (at the moment 0.30 Euros/km), food, accomodation and necessary insurances...

The official judges of DDI take no responsability for the safety and the organisation o a Dogdance-Event.
If the judging sheets are handed in by the official judges, all results are valid and cannot be  invalidated, changed or qualified afterwards by Dogdance International e.V.


Carmen Schmid, 1. Vorstand, Dogdance International e. V.

Nina Neumann


Marienstr. 36
41844 Wegberg, Deutschland


Sandra Roth, 2. Vorsitzende, Dogdance International e. V.

Sandra Roth



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