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Project: We help each other

In August, a new project was launched, which the board had been planning for some time.
In Central Switzerland, 11 committed teams came together, varying from beginners to OEC participants.

On day 1, each participant had the opportunity to show their routine in a small fun competition. The routines were assessed together and suggestions for improvement were collected. In the 2nd run, all participants were able to work on their problems, whether it was motivation, individual elements that did not work out right away in the 1st run, changing transitions, short sequences during execution or their own nervousness - everyone was able to take something away with them.

During a subsequent meal, a lively exchange took place and we enjoyed the hours together in front of the camper. At the end of the day, the participants who were still present were allowed to try out a little dog fitness.

Day 2 was all about tricks and heelwork, building up, generalizing, expanding and securing. Here, too, there was a lively exchange, a wide variety of possibilities came together on how to set up the desired trick, which training option suits which dog and how the tricks could be expanded. Once again it became clear that there are hardly any limits to dogdance if you are creative. And that not every trick is feasible or suitable for every dog. During the exchange, you quickly noticed that every dog ​​has its own advantages and you should emphasize them instead of showing tricks that are great but don't suit the dog or the dog can't show this trick to its best advantage.

In the second half of the day, the focus was on heelwork. Here, too, various training options were discussed, from building up to constantly holding a position. When it comes to heelwork, many roads lead to Rome, and the exchange was also extremely exciting for the freestylers.

All in all it was a very successful weekend and we hope that this project will find many imitators. What you need are motivated teams and someone who makes their place or hall available.

We are convinced that dogdance connects us. We are strong together and can support and learn from each other.

With this in mind, have fun dancing together.


Members introduce themselves

For quite a while, all members had the opportunity to introduce themselves personally. Each entry is published on the DDI e.V. Facebook page. With this project we want to bring all Dogdancer International closer together. So far, dancers from Italy, Switzerland and across Germany have presented themselves. With a short text on how you came to dog dance, what you love about the sport and rounded off with pictures and videos, you get a picture of the teams, even if you have never seen each other because the distances are too far. Maybe you have the same breed of dog and for this reason you feel close to the other team, or you have experienced a similar story, have a dog from animal welfare and are struggling with the same problems... Very often you find connections that make thousands of kilometers irrelevant . Sometimes you can just express your admiration for a team that you haven't been able to do because it just didn't work out. No matter what the reason, if you get a little closer, it's always an enrichment. That's why we started this project and it will remain a part of our Facebook page as long as members submit their posts.

In an email dated April 20, 2021, you received what these posts should look like, what the requirements are and where you can send the posts.

Do you have ideas for further projects? Do you want to actively participate in a new project? Then send your suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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